Our wheels

Jan joined our group last year and brings to it a lot of skill and experience. She is an alpaca breeder and so enjoys spinning her fleece . She has plenty of information and knowledge to share with us. We are a group which likes to spin alpaca fleece. Her wheel is a Ron Doley upright wheel. It is beautifully made and has been reliable. On Monday she was spinning some baby alpaca fleece from one of her male alpacas which had been shorn before it found its new home on New Year’s Day. Jan is very passionate about her farm and animals . One of her tips for spinning fleece is to mix it will wool for the sleeve and waist bands on jumpers so they don’t stretch.



Our wheels

MajaCraft Little Gem

Marie’s wheel is a Majacraft Little Gem which is light and compact and suits her lifestyle. MajaCraft is a New Zealand brand of wheel. Marie loves her wheel and speaks very highly of it. What we notice is how fast her feet can go on the treadle action. Great ankle exercise! Marie has been spinning baby alpaca fleece for a while now so something big is being planned which we are looking forward to seeing. Baby alpaca fleece is extremely soft and creates a very fine yarn.