Bear caddy

Christine had crocheted a bear caddy to hold the things she needs for any current project. She said she had found he pattern in a magazine. It is so cute, has its own little box to travel around in and stores everything so efficiently so that you are in no danger of losing the crucial equipment you need for your current needs. We loved the bear. The bear, however, found the little cat comforter Marina had found and purchased . it was a fund raiser for an organisation which supports cancer research.The cat seems especially pleased to have met her bear friend!


Amigurumi pixies

amigurumi pixiesJan 1 has finished both her pixies and they look so cute. It’s the colours and the expressions on their faces which make them so cute. They are lovely and soft so they will be so cuddly for the children who receive them. The trick is not to overstuff the toys. Amigurumi can be completed relatively quickly and you can develop the shapes you want. It’s satisfying and to be able to make your own little personalities is something which gives you a sense of accomplishment.

The is a nice free pattern for a flower pixie on Happy Berry.