Alpacas – Mittagong – Southern Highlands

MittagongPeter and Marina have been staying in Mittagong which is in the Southern Highlands. Very cold at this time of year but a great place for alpacas! Marina emailed some pictures of the shop she went to on the alpaca farm there. Nice!





Show and tell

homespun wool and alpaca
Homespun wool and alpaca – Janette

There were some very special pieces there this week. Alexis helped us learn more about silk . There were some good discussions about how you make things look better and more original by using colour and texture.






show and tell 16th July

Show and tell

Anne has finished knitting her cardigan from the homespun wool she has made since she joined our group. We loved the black alpaca plied with the blue merino wool.

Cathy shared the two blocks which she is making for her homespun blanket from Susie Horn’s bag of bits, naturally dyed Border Leicester X ,Marie’s Pfeiffers dark FinnX fleece and the wool batts she made at the carding workshop.

Alexis shared two beautiful felted hats made from one piece of felt and then sewn into the hats complete with silk lining. They are from Tasar silk and wool. We particularly liked the colours and borders.

Janette shared a cake of homespun wool and alpaca in soft greens ,light browns, pale orange and yellow.

show and tell July 16th


Alpaca jacket

Alpaca jacketMarina’s  alpaca jacket is quite an achievement. Spinning enough yarn to create something like this takes along time.  She has done plenty of other things in the meantime to ensure she can manage the long haul on the jacket. Luckily, her husband Peter, does all the carding for her. Marina had a lot of brown and cream alpaca and she had mixed the two with some cotton to create this lovely jacket. It will be warm, cosy and worth its weight in gold now our weather is starting to cool. She was originally going to put buttons on it but has decided it is better the way it is.

Bad hair day

drum cardingMarjorie ended up having kittens . She could stand it no longer and offered to help Cathy tame the uncontrolled hairiness of her drum carding. Epic fail was easy, really. Cathy had first learned to drum card in our drum carding workshop a few weeks back. On Monday she thought she’d do some more to reinforce what she had learned and couldn’t find the box of goodies which had bits and pieces to smooth the way of drum carding. When it came to getting the batt off the drum carder she only had her comb. She couldn’t find a knitting needle which is so much simpler. Hence the lovely hairy mess. It was all resolved pretty easily with a few laughs and a bit of chat and Christine finding something from the store room which would make it easier for Cathy to get that batt off the carder. Fail is always the First Attempts In Learning and, you know, with the right tools and patience, you can achieve anything. You also need a little help from your friends. Cathy ended up making two nice batts to spin and should be feeling more comfortable now she’s tamed the wild hairy drum carding beast.  The batt was a nice mix of alpaca, orange FinnX, pink banana fibre silk and ram’s wool.