Fine lace shawl

We have some people in the group who can produce very fine spinning , fine knitting and crochet and some who can do both. Jan B can produce very fine spinning and she can knit very finely too. This shawl is made from commercial alpaca but Jan is capable of spinning her own alpaca just as finely . She is very passionate about alpacas and their yarn and so she likes to support alpaca yarn producers too. Patience is a virtue when it comes to fine knitting. You also need the right needles and then plenty of stitch markers so you keep control of the pattern across what can become a huge number of stitches. This is the work of someone who knows how to do things very carefully and methodically. It is a superb shawl and we loved the burgundy colour of it. So rich.

Kristin Omdahl has some lovely lace shawls on her site. They are not all complicated. Where it says to click here , you need to click on the picture above and it will take you to the pattern. Kristin loves lacework and it shows.


Show and Tell

It was a beautiful sunny day today and it certainly reflected in our cheerful mood. Such a lot to see and do today and so many great ideas and beautiful colours. First, enjoy our view:

Christies Beach October 21st 2019

Show and Tell 

Alexis: 2 knitted felted hats, very striking,  one in pale yellow and one light grey.

Margaret :One pair socks brown and tan, skein of green wool.

Jan B: a finely knitted beautiful lacy shawl in a deep wine colour. Alpaca yarn.

John: a small rug woven in carpet wool lime green/tan on a cream warp, a piece of weaving in blue/red and grey which is going to be part of a jacket.

Hilary: a small skein of multi coloured tops.

Marina: is trying knitted scumbling with different techniques.

Knitted lace scarves

Maria and Wendy both had finely knitted lace scarves today. The fine yarn gives a different effect from thicker yarns. Maria’s is commercial alpaca and knitted in garter stitch with one row of holes. Wendy’s is her own spun camel hair and silk knitted in feather and fan stitch. The fineness of the yarn adds to the elegance of the look. It is important to play with texture to get the desired visual effect.

There are 18 free  easyknit lace scarf patterns on allfreeknitting. Try the different patterns with different wool/yarn weights and you will see the difference in effect.

The photos are not as perfect as they could be because people just wanted to feel these scarves. The scarves were never still! They are soft and beautiful to look at and people just want to see what they are like and then because they are so fine they move and people like to feel them in their hands. That tactile experience  of yarn is something we should never lose.

Inwood Smith electric spinner

inwood smith spinnerJan 2 spins alpaca. Why wouldn’t she? She has an alpaca farm. She often does some very fine knitting and so her yarn is frequently spun finely for that purpose. On Monday she brought along her Australian made Inwood Smith electric spinner which was eye catching. It sits the opposite way from most spinners and takes up very little room lengthwise and the battery pack is small.  They haven’t been made since 2015 and so now it is hard to get parts unless you use somewhere like Wooldancer. That site has the complete spinner featured with its sidewings for plying. Jan said she found that a bit annoying and that they could get in the way. The rest of the spinner is very well thought out and designed and is clearly labelled so you know what the parts do. The electrical jacks are placed neatly too so the wires are easy to manage. It is a pity they are no longer made since they offer something different again in electric spinners and some people might feel more comfortable with the layout.