Instagram best of 2017

#2017bestnineWe have been on Instagram since the end of September and in that time have gathered over 200 followers which is not a bad effort of a new account! The best nine of Instagram happens every year. It is a snapshot of which pictures have had the most likes at that point in time. These days pictures will keep gathering likes over a long period of time as people come and go on the internet and have their tech detoxing time. These pictures are how it is today on Instagram. By next week or the week after it could well be different. What is clear, though, is Instagram does like us and reacts well to all our images. It especially loves Fair Isle knitting and cable. Fair Isle wins every time! The other thing which is obvious is that Instagram loves colour. It reacts strongly to colour. It has loved our autumn colours and it loved Maria’s beanie in  yellow ochre because it took to the unusual colour of the yarn Maria had spun. People wanted yarn like that. We have done well.