10 stitch blanket

10 stitch knitted blanket
Marina’s blanket

Karin’s 10 stitch blanket tutorial the other week has really got people going. There are several people making the 10 stitch blanket now and Alexis brought in hers so we could see what it would look like if you don’t do the wraps at the corners. There is such enthusiasm for this now and it is good to watch the blankets grow. Marina count in hers. She has worked on different techniques and tired different things and is now happy with what she is doing. That’s the thing. This is a project where you want it to look the way you want ti to look and you want to be able to knit it the way you want to be able to knit it.

Apparently , you can knit a 10 stitch blanket on a loom too. The comments underneath this video tend to suggest it may or may not work well. Certainly worth a try if you have a loom and want to try something different.