Show and tell

show and tell August 12th

Sheila: 8 skeins of beautiful white natural spun fibres, & a long beanie in dyed red on grey wool with blue stripes.
Karin: a baskets full of sunburst grannie squares, with white borders and multi coloured centres.
Cathy: a grannie square using many colours.
Margaret: a square 10 stitch blanket using various for the surround . Very neat.
Janette: a very colourful beanie knitted sideways in stripes of blue, red & yellow.
Hilary: 2 grannies squares one not so square in various colour oddments.
John’s: new weaving project yet to be decided but we like the colours.



Backstrap weaving

backstrap loomBackstrap weaving has been around in different cultures for a long time. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s fun. Christine had found her back strap weaving loom and brought it along to show Sheila, in particular, but the rest of us like this little loom. It looked doable! It’s transportable, takes up little room and so would be good for travelling. Great kids project too where they could build something for themselves and use it.

The basics are here on mayaweavings and there’s a nice video by Laverne Waddington which gives you an idea of how it all works. Christine’s is a very compact loom so you don’t need as much space as you can see in these instructional sites.

In stitches

There’s a lot of fun to be had when yarn is woven into your life. It can keep you in stitches and you will most definitely be hooked. For us the wheels keep turning and we often rib each other a lot but not with anything too pointed.

So many yarn jokes to be had! Bendigo in Victoria is the home of the first yarn bombed tram. Such fun. There are plenty of yarn puns on Pinterest. Knitlikegrannie has some good yarn memes too. Then there are some good knitting cartoons on Pinterest as well.

There’s no such thing as too much yarn so we hope you have enjoyed the purls of wisdom.


yarn meme

Hexagon grannie squares

We know. We know they are not squares and that a hexagon square doesn’t exist. Google understands hexagon grannie squares so it must be all right. Hexagone blanket motifs?? Hexagon blanket medallions? Hexagaon blanket shapes? No. Hexagon grannie squares. We know what we mean and so do you 🙂 This is Alexis’ grannie square blanket and it is in finer , commerical wool so it could double as a shawl. So cheerful, bright and such a great oddments project. We are having a bit of a focus on grannie squares this month. It pays to revisit the oldies but goodies to get a new look at them with fresh eyes and colours. It is certainly blanket weather here at the moment and something as cheerful as this hexagon blanket would keep your spirits up.

Mybluprint has 3 different hexagon motifs for you to try.

Bella Coco walks you through a tutorial of making hexagon motifs if you are unsure how to do them or need a refresher.