Colour your life


We really are lucky to be surrounded by colour and it is always interesting to watch people lay out their colours, to see how they have prepared them for spinning and then to watch those colours turn into a spool of yarn which is  plied and ready to go. Sometimes it is for sale. Sometimes it is for that special project . Sometimes it is on commission or as a request. We love colour and we love spinning.  Sometimes it’s just because. Because we love that colour. Because we want to make that wool batt. Because we need a break from spinning one colour for a big project. Look at all these colours. Some of them have been spun with a special purpose in mind. Others turn up in projects the person didn’t know they were going to make until they did! What would you do with these colours? Would you put any of them together or have you got something at home they would go with. Thinking about colours and where they fit in your life is how you keep yourself inspired and creative.

Vintage doll’s clothes

Wendy’s childhood doll, Barbara , has a new outfit. It is very special. Wendy dyed the wool at our dyeing workshop, then spun it very finely. Wendy loves lace knitting so the little dress has turned out perfectly for Barbara and her matching underwear is just as beautifully knitted. We loved seeing Barbara and really thought her new outfit looked good on her.

There are some nice free doll knitting patterns on ABC knitting


Show and tell

We had a really productive day and had plenty of ideas to share which was really good because it was cold, wet and windy outside.

Marina: Jumper in blues, maroon, gun metal grey and other flecked colours. Mostly hand spun wool with some commercial wool. Scumbled stress ball in light blue.

 Margaret: 3 Christmas decorations. One she bought with the little metal Christmas tree and she made the others herself in white with various colours.

 Alexis: A really big skein of hand dyed wool she had spun in perigord and lilac Jacquard dyes.

 Cathy: Knitted beanie decorated with freeform puff stitch crochet in  navy, green grey and purple. Spun blue merino tops plied with Alex’ hand dyed alpaca in soft lavender and blue. 

 John was weaving a pink mohair scarf.

 Sheila:Two beautifully sewn story books and then padded number squares which she had made for her granddaughter.


Pantone colour of the year 2020

The Pantone colour of the year 2020 is timeless

19-4052 Classic Blue

Great colour for us because we spin by the sea. We have ocean views and the classic blue is often there before our very eyes. It is a colour we spin and then we like the turquoises too. Blue is a good, classic colour.

According to Color Wheel Pro :

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

You can read more about blue on their website.