Pomegranate dye

pomegranate dyeCathy dyed some English Leiceister fleece with pomegranate seeds and skins. The fleece was white but after being in the pot for hours it became, well, sheep coloured. A creamy, yellowish colour like wheat. Pomegranates are high in tannic acid so you do not need a mordant. The net bag got eaten through though ,which was a first for her  when using natural dyes. It wasn’t a problem…big sieves work well.

She carded it and is now mixing that to make wool batts which include a bit of sage green merino tops and some gold thread. All of that looks good together and we look forward to seeing how it spins up.

The yarn on the right has been dyed with onion skins and then there is some yellow merino tops and white alpaca mixed in.


Dyed wool

dyed woolMarjorie brought along some dyed wool. Things do not always go according to plan when you are dyeing. The dark blue of the bottom skein was supposed to be purple. The skein itself looks good with the dark blue , orange and green. Marjorie is an experienced wool dyer. She just could not get the purple colour. In the end she got a lovely amethyst colour which is at the top. The was extra green so she dyed the green skein and that is very vibrant. These were Landscape dyes. It will be interesting to see how Marjorie spins these colours and what she makes with them. Sometimes when things don’t go as planned it will challenge you to think differently or create differently. We are certain Marjorie will use her skeins of wool to good effect.

Show and Tell

show and tell April 1st 2019The weather was beautiful on Monday and our ocean view was quite spectaular. it may have been April Fool’s Day but no fools were present. Just plenty of enthusiastic peopel with great colours and good ideas.

Marjorie: 3 skeins 1, multi coloured blue, green & red, purple & green & a spun wool vest in brown with white flecks.

Janette: ball of spun wool in grey & turquoise.

Cathy: Beret in dark brown, blue & red, ball of spun wool dark brown alpaca/pink corriedale.

Marina: large rug crocheted pattern from corner to corner in various shades of brown, fawn & cream. Small beanie with a fur pom pom.

Karin: a crescent scarf spun from wool dyed at our work shop.

Jan 1: 3 beanies knitted from commercial fibres in various colours, turquoise fluffy/blue, various reds with stripes of blue & black, mainly greens with stripes of blue & violet.

Peter: weaving a piece for a ruck sack,

John is weaving his straps for the latest shopping bag.

Show and tell

show and tell march 18th

It was a lovely day down by the beach…and then it got a bit warm again! Luckily , we were just about ready to go home by then. There were so many good things to look at this week and so many great ideas to share.

Jan Bentley : a skein of finely spun alpaca in light fawn.

Wendy : 2 balls of finely spun baby camel/wool in pale cream

Cathy: a ball of spun wool dyed with a bottle of Cabernet Shiraz, a small kerchief for her grandson plus a Fair Isle beanie to match,

Marina: 2 pairs of spiral knitted socks, in dark red & green, the other brown mixed with a beanie to match.

Maria : a small jumper in fawn with strips of red & green, small knitted toys for girls with a lacy dress, a man with a hat, sheep, penguin & a fish.

Peter: a piece of weaving made in to lovely bag by Marina.

John: a piece of weaving ready for his next shopping bag,

Sonya: brought in a huge bag of lemon scented Verbena,

Janette: a bag of lemons.

Christine: a bucket full of grapes.