Solid colour

Blended yarns and wool batts are always fun and creative but there is something to be said about a nice solid colour too. You can ply it with itself, something similar or a variegated single ply. It means your options are endless in terms of producing yarn.

Left are Karin’s eye catching emerald green tops which she was spinning. It is a striking colour. Next are Hilary’s pale blue tops which are very soothing to look at. Christine had used Earth Palette dyes to get the lovely blue tops and then the peach tops. The peach came from the yellow. It is a really gentle colour. Margaret was spinning her toffee coloured fleece on her little Eel wheel. That is a nice, soft colour , too. Down the track we’ll find out what has happened to all these lovely colours.

Knitted cowl

Cathy’s double wrap cowl was made on size 5 needles. It is 44 inches around and you need multiples of 8 for the honeycomb pattern. This one had 200 stitches. The wool is a dark green merino hand dyed by Alexis and the light green is English Leicester dyed withย  sage and green tea by Cathy.

Interweave has two nice, free honeycomb cowl patterns .

The video is silent but it shows you how to do the stitch really wellย  so you can concentrate nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

Show and tell

Show and Tell March 16th textile arts and crafts

It was a lovely day outside and just as lovely inside. Plenty of colour and ideas an some good, productive conversations.

Chris: has dyed 4 plaits with Earth Palette dyes in blue & pale orange.

Cathy: 3 balls of spun wool dyed with various natural dyes & a warm thick cowl in
dark green and yellow in a honeycomb pattern.

Janette: scarf & matching beanie in red/grey, beanie in blue, and an alpaca scarf
dark with various coloured fleck, warm jumper in autumn colours.

John: a woven scarf in a multi coloured boucle yarn with a green centre.

Hilary: 1 skein of lime green tops plied with coloured silk hankies, a ball of spun
alpaca dyed fleece and the cutest, small rabbit from the pattern Cathy put on our blog.

Show and tell

It was a beautiful Adelaide day today and we had a beautiful view and then some really lovely things to look at which people were making. So many interesting ideas and such a good array of colour.

Show and Tellย 

Marina had a basket full of spun fibres dyed with various dyes and using different techniques to obtain varied effects.
Cathy 3 small balls of the fleece left over from her felting and a Mobius cowl in
Maria a small, beautiful crochet shawl.
Peterโ€™s finished woven scarf.
Johnโ€™s weaving with carpet wool, his next project.
Peterโ€™s weaving in progress.
Jan Eโ€™s felting samples to keep us inspired.

Enjoy our view:

Christies Beach 24th Feb 2020