Beanies to berets expo

berets to beanie stall

This is a good picture of the other end of our stall at the Beanies to Berets Expo at Port Noarlunga Arts Centre last week. You can see Hilary’s lovely felted jacket and John’s weaving which created so much interest and he did make sales and help a lot of people with their weaving skills. You can also see our banner which was woven by club members a few years ago. Sea and sand. We spin by the sea and love it.


Dress up your feet

Marina has just learned how to weave round shoe/boot laces and don’t they look great in her boots? She also met Michael up at the Adelaide Hills  Spinning and Weaving group and he had a vintage sock maker which he uses so she bought a pair for herself and her husband , Peter. Hers are featured in the picture with her bootlaces. Alexis informed us that Geelong Wool Museum has a working vintage sock maker. Pretty sure many of us would like a sock maker!! Weaving laces then would be the thing. It requires time and patience to acquire the skill. How impressive would our feet look, though?

Berets to Beanies Exhibition

We had fun at the Beanies to Berets Textile Expo today at Port Noarlunga Arts Centre. This won’t be the only post. Monday will probably bring us more photos! The venue was suited to our needs and it had a good atmosphere. Stall holders and the general public were all interacting comfortably and happily. We’d like to thank Marjorie and Hilary (featured) for setting our stall up so well and for quietly keeping it all under control. We were not short of helpers and the extra bonus was pop ins from club members who couldn’t spend long with us but who came down to lend their support to us and the event. It had a positive community feel about it. The stall holders were all pleased to interact with each other and learn from each other. So much positive encouragement and the visitors to the event were also glad to offer encouragement and praise. One constant comment we had in the morning was we had a good variety of nice things on our stall and they liked our colours. Hilary got the first sale with her fluoro fingerless gloves. They were irresistible.

We have a lot of talented textile people in our area. It is good to give them space and encouragement. People can get to know us, are happy to share ideas and thoughts about textiles and it then becomes a very creative exercise. So much serious learning went on along with the looking and shopping.

Show and tell

Show and tell 1st July

Alexis brought in several colourful plaits for the stall but most of them got snapped up by some of the members present today leaving one beautiful red plait…which sold too!
Marina: crocheted  cap made from the left over fibre from Peter’s shepherd coat, a scarf from the same material in progress, a sleeveless vest in a rib pattern multicolour & a multi-coloured stress ball.
Peter: a set of woven hand towels, in rust colour fibre.
Marjorie :a pair of fingerless mittens with no palms and loops for fingers brightly coloured stripes.
Cathy: a ball of spun wool in green/pale yellow (pomegranate dye) & a beanie in natural brown & white spun wool.
Margaret :a beret in bright aqua,blue,yellow,lime green,green, red with a white centre.
Peter is almost finished his weaving,
John is busy weaving boot laces as well as Marina who is weaving round boot laces.