Show and tell

It wasn’t warm. It wasn’t cold either. Bit of an odd day but it was good to look out over the ocean and inside the club rooms there were so many conversations, discussions and ideas which kept us very cheerful and enthused.  It was good to see so much colour.

Show and tell

Janette: a pair of very colourful slippers, a jumper to match in colourful stripes and a ball of spun wool in similar colours.

Margaret: ribbed beanie in mohair dyed with variegated dark red.

Jan (2): 4 spun skeins,1 beautiful white silky fibre made from OPTIM™ fibres , a CSIRO project, 2 natural light grey wool/rabbit, 1 natural light grey 100% alpaca.

Christine: a small shaped scarf crochet in pale mauve.

Cathy :2 spun wool balls 1 dark green Alexis’ tops, 1 grey with coloured flecks made from Alexis’ dyed alpaca fleece.

Marjorie: a jacket in turquoise blue with various coloured short stripes.

Wendy :a beautiful finely spun scarf in pale fawn baby camel/silk in a feather & fan design.

Peter: latest project on the loom.


Show and tell

Jan1 :a skein of spun fibres in pink & cream.
Marina: a skein of spun wool that Peter carded last week, orange & browns.
Cathy :fleece dyed with geranium flowers and cream of tartar making a soft orange colour.
Wendy: Beanie knitted sideways in soft greys with silk turquoise knitted in & a big fluffy pompom.
Alexis: a large skein spun from very colourful tops wine, pink and yellow . Navaho plied to keep the colours separate.
Margaret :a selection of various granny squares.
John :finished woven runner in lots of different colours. Very effective.
Jan1  and  Maria: with projects in the making.
Jan1: finishing off a crocheted rabbit  and Maria is busy knitting a beanie.

It was 20 degrees , looked cold, was warm outside and cold inside. Such a weird weather day. We loved our ocean views, our morning tea and our enthusiasm for grannie squares continues. So many good things to look at this week.

*Please note there is no meeting at the club next week. *

Weaving around a book

bag woven on a bookWe were lucky to have Sandy and Michael with us this week from the Adelaide Hills Spinning group. They are both very accomplished in the sorts of things they achieve with textiles. One of the things Sandy brought along  for show and tell was a bag she had made by weaving around a book. Our group is very much about enabling. It is not about cost, expense, the best of…and yet we will use and produce the finest of the fine when we want to. That’s about investment in our skills and creativity. We want anyone to be able to have fun with yarn! Not everyone can afford a loom…but everyone can find a book and a ruler and bits of yarn or strips of old T Shirts.

When Sandy explained book weaving we realised it’s a great way to use oddments but also a great way to do something easily without all the fuss and bother and yet come up with something as nice as Sandy’s bag. It’s a handy size and there is no sewing!! Some of us love sewing…others of us are always looking for the sew free projects and this woven bag is the very thing 🙂

You can find instructions about making this on the creativitypatch.

Show and tell

Show and Tell 26th AugustIt was a lovely, sunny 12 degrees Celsius today and our view was spectacular. We had a few visitors who really added to our very animated day. So much to see and so many things to talk about. Everyone was happy and productive.

Show and tell

Our guests, Sandy and Michael from the Adelaide Hills group,  brought along some of their projects, to show us.
Michael has made a beautiful piece of weaving from a black fleece warp, woven with 3 different colours for a very striking effect which Sandy will make  into a sleeveless vest for herself. On Michael’s previous pieces of weaving Sandy has made them into a vest for the weaver.
Sandy showed us a bag she had woven from wrapping the warp around a book then weaving the weft in a traditional tabby weave using oddments of spun fleece to form a cylinder which ,with a piece of leather for the base, made a very useful draw string bag, also a sleeveless Fair Isle vest with multiplies of designs from home spun & home dyed fleece .Very effective.
Cathy has spun a ball of dark brown fleece & plied it with a lighter multi coloured skein & has made another granny square for the Instagram collection.
Marina has made 20 granny squares in various colours with a common brown border ready to make another 80 for a jacket she has in mind…but we didn’t think she would need that many 🙂

Enjoy our view:

Christies Beach August 26th 2019