Resistance is useless

hamster praying

We have been spinning all right and we cannot resist. It’s the colours, the fibres, the wheels, the feel of fleece , tops and roving. It’s the fact we can create beautiful things from lumps of beautiful fibres. We can comb them, card them, make wool batts, dye them. It’s a visual and tactile adventure. Every week we bring along our wheels and we can spin whatever we want to spin. We can see what other people are doing and just have all this colour and fibre input. We can see the process. We can enjoy looking at and feeling the fibre. Then we can do what Marjorie has done : turn out some lovely, colourful socks or a classic style Tunisian crochet jacket. We can’t help spinning, nor do we want to.


Inwood Smith electric spinner

inwood smith spinnerJan 2 spins alpaca. Why wouldn’t she? She has an alpaca farm. She often does some very fine knitting and so her yarn is frequently spun finely for that purpose. On Monday she brought along her Australian made Inwood Smith electric spinner which was eye catching. It sits the opposite way from most spinners and takes up very little room lengthwise and the battery pack is small.  They haven’t been made since 2015 and so now it is hard to get parts unless you use somewhere like Wooldancer. That site has the complete spinner featured with its sidewings for plying. Jan said she found that a bit annoying and that they could get in the way. The rest of the spinner is very well thought out and designed and is clearly labelled so you know what the parts do. The electrical jacks are placed neatly too so the wires are easy to manage. It is a pity they are no longer made since they offer something different again in electric spinners and some people might feel more comfortable with the layout.

What are we spinning?


We had some lovely colours this week and these aren’t all of them. We sit and spin or knit or crochet or look at patterns and ideas and we are surrounded by gorgeous colours. Each colour has its appeal and influences your thinking. Top left there was the not quite toffee, not quite apricot which was blended with cream. It will look different again when it is plied, but how evenly and finely is that being spun?Bottom right is a bold purple but what will it be plied with we wonder? Top left is purple plied with a lavender colour but there are gradations on that purple spectrum which catch the eye. The other two are beautiful natural coloured fleece. Will they be plied with the same colour or something  else. The natural colour is restful. Bottom left is Cindy’s basket of carefully combed fleece. She is back to spinning after a very long break and so is easing into it. The soothing colour of the natural fleece and the combing are all relaxing and it’s a nice way to return to something she obviously enjoyed.

Spinning the blues

We are never blue when we are spinning but it is always amazing to see the number of variations on blue that we have. We can buy blue to spin or dye our own. We never tire of blue, probably because we spin by the ocean and constantly have that view to inspire us. Working with fibre is healing and relaxing. You just want to get that lovely colour and spin.

Health benefits of yarncrafting

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