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Knitting site

This is another clever blanket pattern which Pam shared with us but has lots of good free patterns.


Crescent scarf

Sonya is knitting a lovely crescent scarf which has nice spring colours. It won’t  particulalry be for the really cold winter days but it will be a nice it to wear to keep warm on those early spring days where the weather can be a bit brisk. Crescent scarves can be made to any size and become shawls if you want them to be that big. It is worth mastering the technique if you want something where you can vary your project according to your needs.

There are two nice crescent patterns on Ravelry worth having a look at :

The Easy Garter Stitch Crescent Shawl  by Shirle Bedient and Terribly Simple versatile crescent shawl/scarf by Caitlin ffrench


Anti bullying initiatives

beanies not meaniesThere are two anti bullying beanie initiatives which we are aware of. Lion Brand yarns has the #hatnothate programme going where the beanies are predominantly blue and you can follow the hashtag on Instagram and see some really great beanies. In Australia we have the purple beanies for the #beaniesnotmeanies programme . Both programmes are designed to promote friendlier, balanced relationships between people, to bring an awareness  as to what bullying is and to help stamp it out. You can find out about both the programmes on these links and get free patterns to help get you started:



Entrelac Tunisian crochet

entrelac Tunisian crochetMaria is always teaching us something. She has so many skills and such experience she can always guide us in a very positive way. So many of us have got going with our 10 stitch knitted blanket which Karin taught us last year. Maria is watching us bring in our examples and she can see how we are progressing. Not everyone knits, though, and not everyone wants to go round and round and round and do those mitred corners you really have to master.

This week, Maria turned up with her 10 stitch blanket. She has taken this idea down a new path in our heads and creative imaginations. For a start you use a normal size crochet hook. For seconds it would be a great way to use up all those odd balls of yarn you have which might be beautifully spun wool but you don’t have enough to make one big thing. Maria’s blanket has started with one square and is built up more or less corner to corner. She is changing colours so she can make a clear distinction between the rows and squares. She wants her colours bold because this blanket is for a child. So she is teaching us to take an idea and grow it: look at all the options and take a tip out of Margaret’s book and change those colours so you can see your pattern changes more easily.

entrelacs.jpgEntrelac is used in paintings and sculptures and you will recognise the sort of patterns which are entrelacs. They are interwoven, often things like leaves and vines and the pattern constantly intertwines with its elements.

The video shows you how to make a Tunisian crochet entrelac scarf.