Make a pair of loom slipper socks.

It is not often you get a chance to use the small round loom which comes with the set of looms you buy. The hat you make is too small for most babies unless they are premature. It is good to see Gina Ly’s very careful and well explained video on how to make a pair of slipper socks with the small loom. You could alter it to make longer top socks and have some very warm socks for freezing cold weather.

Knitted origami pinwheel purse

origami pinwheel purseMargaret’s origami pinwheel purse has been popular on Instagram so we thought we’d follow it up here so you can make one too. Margaret’s colours are easy on the eye and this purse looks attractive . It is a pleasant knitting challenge. It’s not hard, just interesting and you feel like you have achieved something good.

Frankie Brown’s free pinwheel purse pattern is on Ravelry.

Have fun!

Man’s sleeveless knitted vest

Or is it a sleeveless jacket? Or is it a waistcoat? We showed you this recently when Marina was knitting this for her husband Peter. It is made from local wool. Before the photo had made it look blue. That is the trouble with phone cameras and light. There are times when they just don’t reflect the colour of what you are doing. The Bagabo wool in these pictures has come into its own. It is lovely, good quality wool and the natural colours all go well together. The jacket suits Peter well and the matching beanie is a nice touch. He will be nice and warm this winter…and stylish !

There are some good, free, sleeveless vest, jacket and waistcoast patterns for men on knitted-patterns.

Crochet bag

This is a good bag pattern. It teaches you cluster stitch if you don’t know it. It’s an Australian video and it’s good to see Australians making textile tutorials. bobwilson123 explains it all very clearly and takes you through the process of crocheting this bag. It is a reasonable size bag. Once you know how to make it, you could make it a third bigger, with wool, and felt it in the washing machine. It would be a quick way to het some felting done and the use of different colours would make a nice felted bag.