Colour your world

Marjorie dazzled us with a riot of colour this week for show and tell. It was so uplifting.

The beret is beautifully made and looks good and the cables set off those bright colours nicely. Marjorie dyed the wool herself. The first ball took the colours strongly but the second ball, which was exactly the same fleece, gave them a hint of pastel in the shade. Such is life and fleece. Marjorie has used it all to very good effect though. There are some really stylish paid beret patterns on Woolly Wormhead if you want to have a look. There are some really nice free beret patterns on Knitting Bee.

Marjorie has also knitted a fireman friend of hers another pair of socks. He can never lose her socks, they dry on the truck engine, they are durable and they keep his feet safe because they are natural fibre. He probably has the coolest socks in the brigade.



Knitted sleeveless jackets

We love sleeveless jackets  and they are appearing on a regular basis this year. They are warm, great fashion items and can be contrasted in colour with other clothing items. Your arms are free to move and there are no bulky sleeves getting in the way.

Hilary’s knitted sleeveless jacket (left), has an interesting stripe pattern which becomes geometric because of the way the jacket is knitted. Bit op arty and in black and white it definitely would be. Hilary’s is handspun, hand dyed wool as is Marina’s (right). Marin’es jacket is an interesting rib pattern with garter stitch edging. Both jackets are snuggly feeling and would add a good layer of warmth. The blues and greys are different in each jacket but the colourways are restful.

If you are interested, there’s a long  jacket with capped sleeves on ausyarnco. 

Cable wrist fingerless gloves

fingerless gloves cabled cuffsWrist warmers and fingerless gloves have been increasingly popular. No secret there. They make a difference and you can still use your hands without difficulty. They can cheer up a winter outfit, keep you suitably cosy , can be very stylish and be a good accessory. Jan 3’s gloves were lovely. We really liked the natural colour of the homespun fleece and then the cable wrists made her gloves look so special.

There are lots of patterns on intheloopknitting so you are bound to find some fingerless gloves or wristwarmers which would suit you. If you can’s find any there then knitpicks also offers an extensive choice of fingerless gloves. It is amazing how different all these gloves are. We have some clever creators in the world.

Where did you get that that?

hatsWe are always making hats, beanies and berets. Everyone loves a good hat or beanie. We make them for ourselves, our friends, family , for competitions and sale. We make them for charity and then just for fun. They always find their home and head! We like trying  new patterns or making up our own. The ones featured give you (and us) ideas. You can use up scraps and make fair isle or striped beanies. You can mix yarns and use something fancy like spun camel hair and silk or a really nice alpaca. You can make a difference with crochet or knitting the edge . You can do something as simple as a purl row after a number of stocking stitch rows. You can crochet the top of a beret and finish it off with knitting. You can make a nice little scarf or cowl to go with your hat. What you need is a good, basic pattern and then you can vary it with fancy stitches or a mix of crochet and knitting or you can vary the colours and yarns. It’s all up to you and your imagination.

There’s a good, basic beanie pattern on allfreeknitting.