Australian Bushfires

Our bushfires this year were widespread and very damaging. They have destroyed so much land and threatened so many of our animals and plants. We have lost so many homes and buildings and we have united as a community to do what we can to help. Bushfires happen in Australia, but not like our recent events. They are still in our thoughts because animals and people and then our land need help. The rain has been great but the floods not so much. Janette’s  homespun jumper was amazing to look at. It really is the colours of the bushfires and it a bushfire colourway. We are not going to forget this and so the jumper is very significant. Our firefighters and support personnel have been astounding. We loved Janette’s jumper because it was soft, warm, comforting and making a quiet statement on our table.

Marina cares about  animals as you found out from our When I grow up post last week. She made a felted heart because she cares but she shared the Wires knitted animal pouch pattern with us. Judy’s video below explains about the need for these pouches. She shares some links too. Always good to check with these organisations if they still need them as it often comes in waves.

Russian socks and more

We are up and running with the Russian socks pattern where you knit the socks on two needles. The instructions are on the Russian socks pattern blog post. Janette shared the pattern with us and she has finished both her socks. We loved the colours and the squishiness of them. So cosy. Marjorie customised the pattern a bit to make her lovely , colourful blue sock and once she has made the other one someone is going to have very cheerful , warm feet this winter. Meanwhile we teamed it with Margaret’s lavender  sock so they could have socks for odd socks day! Margaret has played with the pattern as well. She has followed her own advice of using two contrasting colours on a new project. This is so you can clearly see what you are doing . Her socks are double rib so they are snug and she has used thinner yarn. She has shown they can be proper socks as well as slipper or bed socks. We look forward to seeing other Russian socks as they are completed.

Just as a bit of an extra , Marina had used the tubular socks pattern Christine had shared to make some really warm winter socks. The colours are bold and a reminder it pays to cheer yourself up in winter with colourful accessories.

Crochet dragon

We could not get enough of Jan H’s dragon. We loved the colour and the look and it has such a well balanced dragon personality for a child. It’s a bit other worldly but not ferocious. It isn’t all cutsie pie either. It’s colours have made it a very noticeable purple dragon and the eyes are just right. Jan pays attention to detail and that makes a difference when you are creating characters.

CrochetKim has some nice free crochet dragon patterns with video support. .

Vintage doll’s clothes

Wendy’s childhood doll, Barbara , has a new outfit. It is very special. Wendy dyed the wool at our dyeing workshop, then spun it very finely. Wendy loves lace knitting so the little dress has turned out perfectly for Barbara and her matching underwear is just as beautifully knitted. We loved seeing Barbara and really thought her new outfit looked good on her.

There are some nice free doll knitting patterns on ABC knitting