Colour your life

When you come to the spinning group on Monday, you cannot fail to be affected by the beautiful view of the ocean outside and then all the lovely colours inside. Some of the colours are just extraordinary. You then add to that the tactile feel of fleece and fibre. It’s quite a sensory experience which feeds the imagination. We are just going to leave these pictures here so you can look and react and get your own ideas about what you’d change or improve or how you’d love to use these colours.


Colour choices

merino topsWe often have conversations about good colour combinations, partly because they are there right in front of our eyes or we have access to images online where we can share good colour combinations. We often look at what we are doing and wonder what other colour will go with that fleece we are spinning. Or like the two wool tops colours , left, sitting next to an e-spinner one week. Karin suddenly realised they matched her mug and that the orange in the mug would be a good additional colour in that mix. A bold choice of colours for that one but often we look for softer colour combinations and they can be hard to get just right. Colour can be determined as much by culture anything. Some cultures favour very bright colour combinations , others like the stone, sand and rust colours.

This video by Justine Leconte looks at a colour wheel and its application and then how you can put it to work in colour choices for textiles.

Show and tell

show and tell August 19thThe weather looked nice but the wind was icy cold today.  At least the sun was out which was cheering . Our show and tell table was colourful and interesting and there are still signs of the grannie square bug.

John's oddment WIP

oddments weavingShow and tell

Janette: a ball of spun wool in blue and white.
Marina & Peter produced a roll of woven material in purple/green,
Marina found a table crochet decoration in pink in wheel design, 3 granny squares mixed colours, 2 shower mitts in cotton & a blue mobius cowl with white pearl beads.
Peter: a carded rolag in lime green/orange
John: a weaving in progress with many interesting colour combinations.


Colour your life

We are so lucky to be surrounded each week by lovely colours. It has also been our observation that different spinning groups favour different colours. Wonder if it is the location or people? Margaret’s striped socks are cheerful and fun. Hilary’s fingerless gloves are such a riotous pick me up of colour for a dull, wet day. Alexis mixed grey alpaca fleece with merino and got two different wool batts which reflect different colour moods. All these colours make us think. What stripes would you have? Which wool batt do you prefer and if you had to make a pair of gloves in outrageously bold colours, what would you choose? Colour impacts your mood but it engages your brain. Have fun with it.