Easter knitting

Hilary made the cutest little bunny from the pattern we put up on our blog recently. The ears are just right and she didn’t need to embroider features because the confetti yarn put the eyes just where they needed to be! That yarn suits the Ester bunny really well.

If you are still feeling in the mood to make nice little things for Easter, then our favourites, Arne and Carlos have patterns for some rather nice Fair Isle Easter eggs.

Colour your life


We really are lucky to be surrounded by colour and it is always interesting to watch people lay out their colours, to see how they have prepared them for spinning and then to watch those colours turn into a spool of yarn which isย  plied and ready to go. Sometimes it is for sale. Sometimes it is for that special project . Sometimes it is on commission or as a request. We love colour and we love spinning.ย  Sometimes it’s just because. Because we love that colour. Because we want to make that wool batt. Because we need a break from spinning one colour for a big project. Look at all these colours. Some of them have been spun with a special purpose in mind. Others turn up in projects the person didn’t know they were going to make until they did! What would you do with these colours? Would you put any of them together or have you got something at home they would go with. Thinking about colours and where they fit in your life is how you keep yourself inspired and creative.

Making rolags

rolagsKnittingthestash is a really good WordPress yarn blog you can keep up with. She makes helpful videos too. One of the things which impressed us last year were Hilary’s purchased rolags she had brought along to spin. They looked like really cool snails, had beautiful colours which were mixed well and the yarn Hilary made was just so good to look at.

Rolags are a way of preparing smaller amounts of fibre to sin and can be very creative. Some people get very classy looking rolags. Others just make and spin and are not too worried about whether they are art or not. The difference is good. We all need that kind of variety when we are spinning. Some days are diamonds and you can create stunning things. Other days you are ordinary and that is okay. Knittinginthestash shows you how to make them with hand carders but you can make them on drum carders and with combs. With this video you can see the technique and that is what is important. Once you get the hang of it you will create lovely rolags too!

Instagram Top Nine

Instagram Top Nine

About half way through the year Instagram changed its algorithm (coded way of doing things) and made it impossible for people to see likes. It was supposed to encourage better interaction with pictures. Not for us. We often get good interaction on our pictures and the likes halved after that. It is therefore so pleasing to see we have had 6000 likes this year with an average of twenty six per picture. Before we regularly got 40 or 50.

The top 9 pictures are a good selection but where is the weaving? Where is the felting? We have had some magnificent weaving this year and some fabulous felting. These pictures , however, do represent our willingness to learn , experiment and teach others. We give ourselves challenges and we love it when new people arrive and they become as absorbed as we are in what we are doing. The fine knitting and Fair Isle are there and the stunning colours. And who could resist the cria? We are lucky we have Jan B with her alpaca farm so we get cute pictures to put up.

Does this sum up our year? We had the dyeing workshop we loved and we have done plenty of other things. This is what Instagram values and it certainly values effort.