Table top weaving

Christine brought along her inkle loom and her miniature heddle loom and showed us how the same weaving pattern could look different on both of them. She tended to prefer the pattern on her inkle loom but we all liked both of them. They are both good patterns for different reasons. Setting up a big loom can be daunting but is worth the effort of learning. Christine is showing us you can have small looms and turn out lovely weaving which can be used for all sorts of things. The table top heddle loom gives you more options but the inkle loom is totally transportable.

There are some good free patterns and plenty of weaving information on interweave.


Painting a wool batt

Mixing colours and making wool batts is creative and can be fun. You need to master the carding skills and then you can use colours and your imagination to come up with original and interesting wool batts. painting them adds hints of colour which creates a richness and colour depth. it is also a good way to use up odd bits of carded fleece which would otherwise go to waste. Hints of colour are what make colourways interesting!

Dyeing roving

People are often very insecure about dyeing fleece and roving. It is easier than you think but all that thinking can make you fearful to the point of inaction.¬† Once you have the process under control, you can experiment all you like. If you don’t especially like the colour it can be heavily disguised and carded into an art batt! The video shows you how to use chemical dyes.

Make art yarn

There’s been considerable interest in the magical art yarn post we put up the other day. People are excited about colour and colour blending. Great way to start the year. We love making our own art yarn. We like sharing ideas about colourways and how to spin something which looks both original and attractive. Colour and texture are always important. Art yarns can use up your bits and pieces of dyed or leftover fibre. You just need the ideas. The UrbanGypZ video does just that for you. Shows you a way of getting an interesting yarn together.