Show and tell

It was icy cold today and eventually we warmed up. It was good to be able to help each other progress with ideas, skills and new ways of doing things. Kept us happy and productive.

Show and tell

Karin: Beret in 11 different colours,gentle tones. 4ply commercial wool. Size three needles. 195 stitches! Asymetric shawl in crowns, creams and yellow. Tops dyed by Alexis.

Cathy: Swaledale wool from Luba  plied with other fleece dyed with bottlebrush and avocado pits. Latte colour.

Alrisha: Noro yarn ridged beanie in blues and pinks.

Sarina: Congratulations on plying her first yarn (with help from Margaret) after the bobbins had sat on her Lazy Kate for 14 years . Natural brown and fawn tones.

Marjorie: Carded suri alpaca in a light caramel colour and so shiny!

2 thoughts on “Show and tell

  1. All lovely. Karin you are very patient to do such fine work. It’s always lovely to see work of beginners too and learn about different fibres.

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