Show and tell

The weather improved over the day so we were looking at a lovely blue ocean. Very cold , though. (Okay, cold for us in Adelaide.) Plenty to look at and discuss and it was a very positive, productive day with plenty of ideas to inspire us and to work towards. Our stall at the Beanies to Berets textile day at the weekend had been very successful and we were pleased with what we achieved.

Show and tell

Marina : sleeveless jumper in alpaca browns, fawns and pinks. Dyed and natural colours .
Marjorie : dyed a skein using only a ¼ teaspoon of colour in the dye bath: pink and aqua.
Jeanette : skein of spun wool grey and white.
Cathy: a ball of spun wool brown plied with multi colours, a large crochet blanket for her grandson in the bright colours he chose.
Sheila O: a dark grey embossed patterned beanie.
Hilary : a pair of fingerless mittens in green, pink and white handspun wool.

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