Show and tell

Beautiful sunny autumn day at the beach front today and inside the club rooms it was just as warm and sunny. We thanked Marjorie for her years of reliable, steady, thoughtful service since 2004 as our club president and welcomed Karin as our new club president. We also have a busy schedule ahead of us and plan to keep ourselves happy and engaged with our textile arts and crafts. Last week’s trip to Saddleworth was a big success and members who attended spoke highly of the day they spent with the Saddleworth spinning group. Jan E reminded us that the Fibre Feast at St. Agnes is coming up on June 12th, our long weekend. Last year it was a huge fibre success.

Show and Tell

Christine finished John’s beautiful jumper in a cream ribbed pattern.

Margaret shared her hand dyed woven matt with mohair fleece.

Alexis has knitted two beanies – one pink with butterflies, one purple with dread locks. Very impressive.

Maxine had spun two skeins of spun wool with mixed colours plied with grey.

Cathy had spun three balls of spun wool in dark green, lighter green , yellow/pink and purple/turquoise

Marjorie had knitted a grey man’s jumper in homespun wool.

Deb had spun a skein of white corriedale.

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