Show and tell

Very busy , chatty time at the club today and the were definite signs of winter. We could watch the rain coming in and then we’d be talking about our ideas and forget all about it. The show and tell table was full of great ideas and our exchange table went well again today.

Show and Tell

Kay shared her colourful beanies and knitted felted bag . Yellows, limes and and blues.

Alrisha knitted a sleeveless jacket with a fringe around the sleeve, dark blue/red.

 Maxine knitted two very colourful chickens and shared several skeins of brightly coloured spun wool.

Cathy brought in her challenge this week which were one orange and green witch and a blue wizard, complete with colourful pumpkins.

Jan E spun and knitted a grey beanie with a cable band knitted sidewise.

Janette knitted a sleeveless vest in pastel shade and a scarf to match.

Anthea has painted small square cards with alcohol ink which make very attractive patterns.

Hilary spun and knitted a dark brown alpaca jumper with alpaca motifs in white. She also had made two felted creatures in read and blue.

Sheila Mc Had made a challenge quilt in purples and another small star quilt in creams and fawns.

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