Australian Bushfires

Our bushfires this year were widespread and very damaging. They have destroyed so much land and threatened so many of our animals and plants. We have lost so many homes and buildings and we have united as a community to do what we can to help. Bushfires happen in Australia, but not like our recent events. They are still in our thoughts because animals and people and then our land need help. The rain has been great but the floods not so much. Janette’s  homespun jumper was amazing to look at. It really is the colours of the bushfires and it a bushfire colourway. We are not going to forget this and so the jumper is very significant. Our firefighters and support personnel have been astounding. We loved Janette’s jumper because it was soft, warm, comforting and making a quiet statement on our table.

Marina cares about  animals as you found out from our When I grow up post last week. She made a felted heart because she cares but she shared the Wires knitted animal pouch pattern with us. Judy’s video below explains about the need for these pouches. She shares some links too. Always good to check with these organisations if they still need them as it often comes in waves.

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