Helping with felting

Our felting workshop was about developing skills and about inspiring members to think further than their own thoughts and fears. We are lucky we have some very good felters in the group but we are also lucky there are some skilled felters in Adelaide. It means we can always look at things to give us ideas but we also have real people we can consult. Jan E’s best tip was to use a scrunched up crackly plastic bag over the tulle which holds the fibre in place. We don’t all have gadgets for felting but we acquire them as we felt more. Everyone can get a crackly plastic bag. It really makes a difference. Sheila brought along a slipper she was making with the template she had used to remind us that wet felting shrinks and to remember that. Her visual cue was helpful. Pam brought purse templates for us to take home and try. Marjorie brought along her crochet hook where she had felted a case onto the handle to help with the ergonomics of the hook. It is easier to hold and use…and a lovely short term quick reward project. Alexis made a little display for us so we could see some achievable felted projects, see what to use as handles, how to make some textures and effects in the felt and then know you can actually buy paper felting patterns. Did you know that?

If you watch this video by Sara Renzulli you can see just how effective felting can be in terms of artistic effect . This video gives you ideas to aspire to and that is important. There is always a learning curve but you need to be able to see the sorts of things you can aim for.

2 thoughts on “Helping with felting

  1. What sort of items will you make with the felt? I typically see slippers, but I was wondering about other uses. I thought they would make pretty coasters if it was a smaller felt project. Is that silly for all that work?

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    1. Our workshop was on making bags. We did slippers last year. Small projects are a great way to build skills so coasters would be fantastic…or Christmas balls, Easter eggs, felted pieces to join together to make a bag. Small means you create confidence and not as big in terms of labour intensity as slippers or bags. Some people in the club make felted clothing which is amazing 🙂

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