Show and Tell

It was a lovely , sunny 28C and a great day for felting, fibre, visitors and spinning. We had a really creative, happy day yesterday full of activity and inspiration. Our felting workshop produced some interesting pieces which have yet to be finished. Our fibre challenge had us on a real high. We loved seeing what had been produced. More of those things later in the week.

Show and Tellย 

Chris :gave us a demo of a gadget John had made for twisting the fringe on a scarf which was very ingenious.
Sheila: has made a slipper and to show how much the wool shrinks in felting also
had the template the slipper was made from.
Cathy :a cowl for her grandson to match his beanie, and a small strawberry style hat for her new, great niece complete with green leaves and stem.
Janette: a large manโ€™s jumper in red autumn tones and a ball of blue spun wool.
Karin: a skein of spun wool in red autumn tones.
Hilary: a beanie in yellows and orange multi colours.
Marina :pink/white beanie with a pompom, a purple/yellow beanie with a fur pompom, a grey/multi coloured beanie and a felted heart shaped piece with beads.

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