When I grow up

Sonya, our roving reporter, is bringing a new series to our blog. The question we have been asked is: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” At our age? Yes, indeed. It is a good question. Life is about change. Constant change and those changes force you to adult and grow up. Why not get ahead of the game and work out what you want to be next? Pre-empt the change with thoughts, dreams and challenges of your own. If you don’t dream, how will life know what to bring you? Here are the answers from our first four members:


I’d like to look after animals, and especially native animals that have lost their habitat because of farming, forestry or fires etc. Such animals are here for us to look after. They belong to us and to our country. We have a responsibility to protect them and their habitat.


I think you need to be happy in whatever circumstances you have. I might try advertising. I’m good at art and I like to know how things work. At high school I loved science, but as there was only one science teacher at Nailsworth high school, I had to go into the commercial course. In spite of that, life has been pretty good.


I’d like to be a wizardess with perhaps more gravitas than that. Someone who is wise and provides inspiration, who has the powers to be a role model and to guide young children. I’d wear all those long robes like Gandalf and wander around the planet, giving wisdom, advice and stability.

Sounds like you might be a darn good teacher, Cathy . (Oops! You were a darn good teacher.)  Or perhaps  a deity!


I think I’d do what I did before – that’s join the military. I’d get higher qualifications and  be a pilot. I could fly anywhere in the world, stopping wherever I like and doing whatever I like, such as scuba diving. I’d take somebody to carry my bags, (my husband perhaps?) And I wouldn’t buy a house. I’d have a yurt so I could pack up  and move to wherever I want.

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