Show and tell

Very productive day today and so much on the show and tell table which was inspiring.

Margaret: one long sock in rib and stripes pattern from the web site.

Marjorie: one pair socks same pattern, but customised,  in blue.

Janette: a small pair of socks same pattern in brown multi stripes

John: a woven scarf in  mohair yarn given to him red with blue flecks

Alexis: beautiful striped soft wrap in mainly various pinks, with yellow strips a lovely feather and fan pattern.

Chris: beautiful woven scarf in soft blues/green for in International scarf exchange, another woven scarf in pale mauve a very unusual pattern.

Cathy: small beanie in Fair Isle pattern mainly brown/blue, 3 balls of spun wool one brown/pink, one fawn/bronze, one blue flecks/dark brown.

Marina: a large man’s jumper main light brown with multi coloured flecks and a woven stress ball.

Jan H brought in a lovely crocheted dragon in bright purple and two skeins of hand dyed wool . These will be featured in another post.

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