Spinning wheel drive bands

Glitter drive bandWe loved Jan H’s glitter drive band on her electric spinner. It was really fun. You can try different twines and yarns on your spinning wheel to see which ones work the best. Stretchy bands are popular but you have to be confident attaching them to get the rubber to glue together. They do not always adjust with the same precision as a string band but they provide a reliable band for lots of the same sort of yarn or bulkier yarns. You can see how evenlyย  Jan’s glitter band is spinning. You can use cotton yarn, string, some jewellery twine, builder’s line. Pays to play around sometimes to get the right drive band for your purposes and a little bit of superglue on the knot will stop it coming adrift. The video gives you sensible advice for fitting drive bands and some ideas as to what to use. A good drive band will make a difference and you need to replace them , especially if you are using your wheel a lot. The other thing you might need as a beginner are a few tips about getting your wheel to behave itself. Bluprint has a few usefuls tips.

5 thoughts on “Spinning wheel drive bands

  1. Thank you, a useful post even though I’ve been spinning a long time! I’m wondering if any of your members have a Majacraft craft wheel and have used alternatives to their green drive band. Also do they find their wheel is very noisy. Mine is. I’ve never been completely happy with it. It’s one of the original wheels they produced. My Pipy Wendy is much quieter but slower. Thank you all xx

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    1. Some members use Majacraft. I guess you have used oil and oiled the shaft on the flyer as well. We’ll ask for you and see what we can find out and let you know. Did you check the treadle screw holes? You might need to fill them with woodfiller or wood glue. The screws can work lose over time.

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