Show and tell

Jan1 :a skein of spun fibres in pink & cream.
Marina: a skein of spun wool that Peter carded last week, orange & browns.
Cathy :fleece dyed with geranium flowers and cream of tartar making a soft orange colour.
Wendy: Beanie knitted sideways in soft greys with silk turquoise knitted in & a big fluffy pompom.
Alexis: a large skein spun from very colourful tops wine, pink and yellow . Navaho plied to keep the colours separate.
Margaret :a selection of various granny squares.
John :finished woven runner in lots of different colours. Very effective.
Jan1  and  Maria: with projects in the making.
Jan1: finishing off a crocheted rabbit  and Maria is busy knitting a beanie.

It was 20 degrees , looked cold, was warm outside and cold inside. Such a weird weather day. We loved our ocean views, our morning tea and our enthusiasm for grannie squares continues. So many good things to look at this week.

*Please note there is no meeting at the club next week. *

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