Using oddments

We love our oddments. We make toys, blankets ,bags,  gloves and socks from our oddments. Anything to use the  oddments creatively. This week we had some good uses of oddments. Cathy had gathered together oddments from merino tops, old bobbins and spun and plied the yarn with dark alpaca or onion dyed Border Leicester. Now she has some nice balls of yarn to work with in good colours. Marina had spun and plied the cotton we were offered to try if we had never spun cotton. She incorporated that yarn into a beautiful knitted top . She chose a commercial cotton to mix in and has spread her own spun cotton throughout the pattern. It looks so nice. Maria had some oddments from her yarn stash and she is crocheting a lovely granny blanket for a baby. So colourful and cheerful for the little one. It always makes a good challenge to gather oddments and work out how you are going to use them to make something good.


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