Show and Tell

show and tell Feb 4th

Our dyeing workshop was a big success and the weather was just perfect for it. More of that later! We were very impressed with how far Peter’s weaving has come. As a beginner he has already achieved a real standard of excellence.

Cathy: 5 cakes of spun wool . Leftover tops and bits plied with either dark alpaca fleece or onion dyed Border Leicester. Browns, butterscotch, grey, pink, yellow …

Sonya: Book – James Herriot – Yorkshire.

Hilary:  Citrus sorbet coloured swirl beanie from the pattern on our blog. Made from a $5 cake of variegated yarn from Spotlight. Just a little bit of yarn left over.

Janette: Waistcoat made in spun camel hair and silk plied with llama fleece. So soft! Browns and fawns. It took 3 big cakes of yarn.

Marina: Top in pinks and blues which included the spun cotton we had been able to purchase from Hilary to try spinning. Drapes well and very soft. Mini weaving loom from Wish which she took to her weaving workshop and learned how to set it up.

Peter: First part of his shepherd’s coat. As a new weaver this work was so neat and so well done and the fawns and tans looked lovely. A natural!


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