Colour your life

There are studies which have shown that colour enhances memory performance and environmental recognition as related to colour which is why advertisers think about the colours in their logos. Colours are also associated with frames of mind and have psychological properties. We are lucky to be surrounded by colour every week and it’s the colours which influence our thinking, productivity and creative thoughts.

  1. On the outside of the pictures we have Hilary’s soft autumn colours she was spinning form a wool batt and then the bright, eyepopping psychedelic colours.  In the middle are John’s lovely bright colours for weaving and bottom left is Cathy’s spun white acrylic plied with spun cotton. Each colour combination has a different impact and effect. Each combination makes you think about what you would do with those colours and how they could be best used to effect. There is a place for greys, fawns and whites for that uncluttered look, but colour combinations are the thing which make you think really creatively. They bring an energy to wherever they are. We have our dyeing workshop on Monday and will be looking forward to talking about colour and then looking at how we can best use the colours we have.

2 thoughts on “Colour your life

  1. “colours…which influence our thinking, productivity and creative thoughts.”
    Your group must be the most thoughtful, most productive and most creative people around! I love how you use color in your projects!!

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