1957 was a big year

fine lace crochet gloves1957 was the year Maria in our club got married. There were no lace gloves so she crocheted these for her wedding outfit. The skill involved is impressive. It would have taken time and a very tiny needle. She would have needed a lot of patience and high levels of concentration but, then, that is Maria. She brought these gloves along to the club so we could see them. This sort of fine crochet is no longer seen very often but the skills involved are high level and worth preserving. Mass produced lace gloves do not have the quality.

So what else happened in 1957?

Scotland discovered ultrasound imaging.

Our Prime Minister in Australia was Sir Robert Menzies.

The Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1

The Cat in the Hat and from Russia with Love were popular reads.

Jailhouse Rock and The Bridge on the River Kwai were popular films.

The European Economic Community was formed

The first Frisbee was sold.

It was a big year and it had these beautiful gloves in it.



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