Crochet for men

Crochet jumpsuits for men

Alan shared a post on our Facebook page from Hint Fashion Magazine. It was for crochet jumpsuits/onesies for men. Throw back to hippie days and the powder puff rock of the 70s. Some men were always wearing jumpsuits then. Would crochet ones take off these days with some men? We’ll find out. They are now cutting edge fashion. There are lots of examples of crochet for men now.  Parisian dandies of the 1830s used to wear flamboyant, colourful clothes and would wear corsets to get the right silhouette so this isn’t new.  Pinterest has some interesting , current crochet clothes for men.

If you prefer more subdued garments for men there are some patterns on allfreecrochet. There is also a book, Crochetterie by a Finnish professional crocheter who has taken the time to put together patterns and projects for men who like to crochet. In Finland the boys learn to crochet and make their own beanies for winter but there is a whole history of carving hooks and sourcing materials too.

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