Finn fleece

finn fleeceMargaret had some carded Finn fleece which she had got at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show this year. It’s a lovely natural colour and was spinning up beautifully. Margaret can spin very thinly and evenly and get the best out of any wool. It had a lot of kemp(medullated fibre) in it and some of the pieces seemed to be a bit long for a sheep. We were wondering how that happened but the effect was good. The medullated fibre gives it texture but it is also the thing which makes wool itchy. Finn fleece is very soft. Finn sheep have been around for thousands of years and survived arctic conditions in Finnland and so are very tough sheep. They have suited areas like Gippsland here in Australia where it becomes very cold. tomofholland has a good post about different types of fleece and what can be learned. We like to try different fleeces because then you know which fleece suits which purpose better . We are looking forward to seeing what Margaret makes with her Finn.

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