Wild imaginings

felted mushroomBeth comes up with felted creations which are so imaginative and then we start imagining too. She was making mushroom type things  which could have been flora or housing for creatures. They had an interesting look. There isn’t a picture of the mushroom house with the little window because the camera didn’t do it justice. We were wondering if it was a moonscape, a seascape or just a wild , imaginary landscape. The garland of seaweedy looking felted colours was so fascinating. Someone tried it on as a neck piece and it really looked good different. You could see it turning into a special accessory. That was the piece which was dividing us on moonscape or seascape. It is good to be working with someone who challenges herself and her ideas but then she stimulates our thinking and ideas too. It is creative play but the skills involved are going to turn all of the thinking into very special ideas for all of usfelted seaweed.

imaginary house


2 thoughts on “Wild imaginings

  1. These remind me of cloud formations. As a child (ok, I still do this!) I would lay on my back and look at the clouds, and I would see all sorts of things, yet my friend next to me would see something entirely different. Very cool and imaginative.


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