Beautiful jumper

man's jumperWe loved Janette’s jumper. We loved the colours and the pattern of the stitches. The colours are those of our beach front if you take a walk along the beach here. Janette is very good at spinning the colours of our natural environment. She has made it as a gift for a special occasion. It’s for a man and with a charcoal scarf it would be so warm . The winds have been icy here this year. Janette likes to make big jumpers and jackets because she is a champion of generously proportioned people. She knows not everyone is tiny and petite . She knows big people have trouble finding things to wear by way of hand spun and hand knitted garments so Janette likes to make good quality garments for the bigger people in  life. It really is the colours in this which make it a stand out jumper. jumper stitches


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