My yarn’s got a pompom

Caron cupcakes yarnThis Caron Cupcakes yarn looked quite funny sitting in front of Maria. She has a sense of humour and is always reminding us to lighten up and just enjoy what we are doing . She has high level yarn and thread skills and can produce whatever she would like with great attention to detail and colour. The cupcakes yarn was no different. Margaret had got it for her and Maria was pleased to be using it to make a beanie. There was a bit of discussion as to where the yarn had come from and Cathy had been to the stores mentioned and hadn’t seen any fun yarn with pompoms on top. Alexis worked out they knew Cathy was coming and so had hidden it. Margaret had then suggested it was because she had shopped elsewhere and not at Seaford. Just by being there in front of Maria the yarn was creating much mirth.

caron cupcakes beanieIt is , in fact , from Spotlight. Maria was knitting away on her beanie and then she was seen winding different colours into balls from the yarn.

“What are you doing , Maria? “

“Oh, I don’t like these colours. I just want the pinks and reds. Otherwise it is not going to look right. “

So, true to herself and sense of colour, Maria took out the blues. They will no doubt be used for something else because the ball of yarn will easily make more than one beanie.Some of us would knit whatever the yarn colours were. Maria showed us to fearlessly make our own choices and get rid of what we don’t want. It never goes to waste.


2 thoughts on “My yarn’s got a pompom

  1. Hi Cath like what you are doing for our group many thanks. Been to local spinning group, they had been to Bendigo farm festival. They had tables full of all the fibre the purchased. I should have taken photos. Very busy group with lots of members. See you soon. Sent from my Telstra 4GX Plus on the Telstra Mobile Network

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