Little Unicorn Blanket

Little Unicorn BlanketCathy is getting a new granddaughter in October and has knitted and crocheted a Little Unicorn blanket for her. Her daughter wanted something to do with unicorns but is not a fan of traditional colours. We have also worked out in our group that younger people often don’t want wool for their children because they haven’t the time to hand wash. So for baby and children things we will often use acrylic which can be easily sourced and is not expensive. That is not to say we don’t use wool for things for babies and little children. Easy care is a prime consideration, though , for busy parents.




Little Unicorn BlanketThe blanket is dark rose with a bit of mohair and the green has a bit of mohair too. The bright  pinks and blues are variegated yarn and then there is the deep purple. A lot of baby blankets are garter stitch these days so that is how the middle of the blanket is done. Around the edge are several rows of crochet in the different colours starting with a plain double crochet purple, then a row of dark pink puff stitch.  The crocheted edge makes it a bit more interesting. The little unicorn buttons come from Spotlight and look quite cute.


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