Colour your life

Bright beanieWe are not yarn snobs at all. We can make and source  top quality yarns and fibres. We can create beautiful yarns from fleece and we can dye them how we want them to look. If we see something , though, which is cheap and cheerful, we don’t walk by because it is cheap. Some of the colour combinations in cheap yarns can be very striking. That’s what we value . We like interesting colour combinations and stand out colourways. Hilary’s beanie and fingerless gloves are totally eye catching. The colours draw immediate attention and then you want to look at how the colour shapes itself into patterns.




Bright fingerless glovesShe wasn’t worried the yarn had only cost her $2 while she was away. She was pleased to tell us. Not everyone has money. We want people to know you can have fun creating no matter what and it’s the creativity and colour we are very passionate about. We think everyone should have as much fun as we do with yarn.

dale and dollyThe Dale and Dolly comic strips can sum up some of our feelings about yarn.


2 thoughts on “Colour your life

  1. I never understood people who call themselves yarn snobs (and proudly, I might add). There was an out and out war on one Facebook group I belonged to. Needless to say, I left the group, and Facebook, entirely. I have a collection of pattern books from war time, which taught women how to create clothing with repurposed clothing, or materials that were not needed by the soldiers. That’s what creating is all about! 😊

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    1. We couldn’t agree more. Being inventive, upcycling, repurposing, searching out he good colours are what creativity is about. We love great yarn and we love great colours but money is not the focus. We want everyone to be able to have fun! Thank you for that contribution.

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