It’s all in the colour

When you are thinking yarn art , it’s all in the colour. It’s in the choices you make, the techniques you use and then the combinations of colour and technique you select. Alexis is one of the people in our group who knows how to put the art in yarn. We love her colour combinations and then the ways she puts those colours together so that the visual impact is there. This week was no different.


felted scarf and hand dyed woolShe  had brought in a felted scarf and a cake of dyed wool. No ordinary scarf and no ordinary wool. She called the wool Ugly Duckling Wool. It was dyed with a dye called Tomato but there were lighter flecks in there of off white. Visually it was really interesting and the tomato colour was attractive and then you’d find yourself wondering what you would make with that colour wool. There were a few moments of hilarity when someone thought she’d used real tomatoes to get that colour -which you can’t – and they wanted to know  how many tomatoes and then the confusion that the dye was called Tomato. One of those funny linguistic misunderstanding conversations.



felted wool scarf with silk inlayThe wool, though, brought out the colours of the inlaid silk in the black felted scarf. It was a visual trick which worked well. The scarf is made from jet black First Editions wool and is very soft and pliable. It drapes well which often is not the case with felted scarves. The inlaid silk is crinkled and adds a visual dimension which brings out movement in the colour. Clever. Very clever.






knitted felted bagThen we had the knitted felted bag to feast our eyes on. All the time it was sitting there next to Alexis’ electronic spinner, we were learning about art and colour. The wool batts are Tasmanian Blue gum leaves ( aka silver dollar) and the longer you brew the mixture, the darker the colour. That burnt orange is lovely. The knitted, felted bag is reminiscent of Kandinsky colours…like his Aquarelle avec taches rouges or maybe , if you want to go Australian, an Arthur Streeton like Evening Game. Alexis just knows how to blend a number of colours so they look good.

Evening game Arthur Streeton
Evening game


Aquarelle avec taches rouges

4 thoughts on “It’s all in the colour

  1. I have enjoyed watching all you are doing and thanks to kath for up daits. Went to local spinning group.Very interesting day hope to go again Went to Nimbin to the see the fibre art at the Blue Knob gallery. Lovely work . Have a few photos. Regards to everyone. Mj Sent from my Telstra 4GX Plus on the Telstra Mobile Network

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    1. You can email the photos or send them on the mobile phone if you like , if not, we’ll wait till you have the courage to come back and face the cold and wet! Spinning group sounds good but the gallery sounds even better! Keep well 🙂


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