Beautiful beanies

easy beanieWe are still making beanies when we feel like it . They are a good way to practice patterns  or to fill in some time or to use up oddments and smaller amounts of wool. beanies can be a good take anywhere project . Some of us just want to knit and crochet and hate going out without our beloved yarn.

Margaret’s beanies were for a call to action from the Aldinga Spinners and Weavers group. She belongs to that too and they had decided to help the homeless by creating some nice , warm beanies for them in this weather. The homeless need beanies to protect themselves from the cold but also beanies which are easy care and can be renewed where necessary. If you don’t have a home , you don’t necessary have the luxury of being able to wash your things. Margaret’s beanies are bright and cheerful but would wash and dry easily.  She used size 9 needles, acrylic yarn and 45 stitches.

slouch beanieWendy’s beanie is spun from fleece from the Bendigo Woollen Mills. They don’t seem to do that any more which is a shame because their ready to spin fleece always had style as you can see. We loved the colours and the texture. You could either put a big brim on this beanie or wear it as a slouchie beanie. It’s is soft and very warm and the perfect colour to go with anything.  The cable stitches give it a good visual appearance and add to the thickness of it to make sure it’s a beanie for the very cold weather.


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