Felted hat

felted hatBeth is in the process of making another felted hat. It’s a long, careful and well thought out process and , at each stage, the hat looks nothing like it did before. That fascinates us. Beth takes wool and needle felts it onto a mould. That  in itself is time consuming but she does it very patiently. She then starts to bring in other colours and patterns and then we start to get really intrigued. It is amazing watching anyone make something from bits of fibre. It’s hard work and it’s a journey. We always end up talking with Beth about what she plans to do and how she is going to do it and then we always become aware of how much creative energy we have absorbed by watching her work. The pink and off white hat is going to have a curled brim and we enjoyed all the discussions around how we saw it being finished. Beth will make her own judgements and we are truly looking forward to seeing what happens to this hat. Those swirls at the top really got us thinking. felted hat


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