Margaret and Mohair

Mohair goat

Image: Mohair and more 

Sonya has created another roving reporter piece for us on one of our members, Margaret. Yes, Margaret of the amazing fingerless gloves, cocoons and colours. And Margaret who carefully manages our finances each week. We are grateful.


Margaret’s story

I started learning to spin about 1986. About two years before that, we had bought a ten acre property at Willunga on Range Road West. Four acres of grassland sloping down to natural bush. I needed some way of keeping the grass down and noticed a sign up at a farm gate near our property, advertising kid goats for sale. We bought two females, and named them Honey and Cream. They were lovely animals more cashmere than mohair. I began increasing my goat family. I went to sales and picked up goats, starting with ten and eventually ending up with twenty or so! I tried to keep the population to around ten.

 From then, I became involved with the Central Region of the South Australian Mohair Assn. At a Mount Pleasant show I met a woman from Myponga who said if I would like to attend the  C.W.A she would teach me how to spin.

Trevor bought my first spinning wheel at Willunga at a shop called Bumble Bee, just up from the Post Office. Trevor said he would assemble it for me, but it was my father who ended up doing that. I learnt to spin first with wool, then on to the mohair. At first I couldn’t countenance eating goat meat! However I got over that and found it was a very acceptable meat. We could get the meat butchered/processed at Gawleys. However later on, we could only get this done at the Kangarilla butchers after we’d had the animals dispatched by the Kangarilla abattoirs.

I   learned how to spin quite readily having no trouble spinning mohair, which many people found difficult. We went to various shows with our goats. That’s how I got to know my way around the Hills.

I went to the Noarlunga Tafe and did a course on goat husbandry and a day course on pasture management. At Marleston Tafe I did a course on mohair production and classing mohair.

Somewhere I met Jill King who kept saying I should come along to the Seaford Spinners, which I eventually did. Maria gave me her spare Ashford Traveller, then I got a Ron Doley fold up wheel. I like it as it fits nicely behind the back seat of the car.

At the moment I’m into crocheting. I still do Gallery duty at the Guild and put my garments for sale in there.

Maria and I go to the various retreats and camps such as Weekend Away where we learn new ideas and techniques and of course meet up with friends and make new contacts.

From purchasing two goats, I have gone on to learn how to spin, weave and felt, and I have made many friends along the way.

I’ve been club treasurer at Seaford Spinners since 2006 and funnily enough nobody seems to want me pensioned off! I wonder why?

Margaret I’d give you the Order of Australia for your years of service to our club, going over and above what the job description would suggest and for your flawless and fabulous creations. Long may you thrive and inspire us.

















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