Bendigo sheep and wool show


Bendigo sheep and wool showIt’s nice that people like Helen Blunden make and share videos of their event trips. This way we can all share the excitement of something like the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show even if we could not get there. We were lucky that Margaret and Christine had gone with the Adelaide Hills Spinners and Weavers group to this year’s Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show.

Bendigo sheep and wool showThey came back on Monday with lights in their eyes, full of excitement and with all their goodies. For us it raised the energy levels allowed us to share their excitement. When people of the calibre of Christine and Margaret can become so enthused by an even then you know it must have been worth while and a great event. Christine and Margaret have a lot of skills and are very experienced so to be able to inspire them you just have to be good.

Bendigo sheep and wool showWe loved looking at what they brought back and the conversations buzzed all day. You’ve seen Christine’s Inkle Loom and that certainly created a lot of interest and conversations. They both recommend the sock needles which were featured in the show and tell post this week. We wanted to know why Margaret had bought gloves when she knits the best gloves herself. She just liked them and wanted them! Christine’s plaits of autumn colours with the bits of sheen were such rich colours and her two books were books were really interesting. We loved Margaret’s little Schiaparelli pink Turkish spindle. It is light and extremely well balanced and so very easy to use…plus it’s cute and eye catching. We loved admiring their stash. Hope you do too.


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