Colour your life

colour your lfieLast week there was such a play on colour and then a lot of playing with colour. As soon as your eye catches a good colour or colour combination it sets your imagination to work. Anne had brought in the hyacinth blue shrug she was knitting from the pattern Marina had shared a couple of weeks back. The colour was soft but not insipid. It picked up the light and was just lovely. She had also finished her homespun cardigan and the photo does not do her colour choices justice. It has a rich look. The black alpaca was so dark and had a sheen. The hand dyed blue was shades of denim and worked really well with the black. We all loved those colours. Karin brought in her homespun wool she was knitting up. It looked grey and then it caught the light and there were subtle slate blues and other colour plays at work so there was a real movement in the colours. With spinning you can get those sorts of really subtle colour plays. Wendy brought in a cotton scarf from the Philippines with peacock feathers. The colours were startling. They jumped out and caught your attention and the colour mix was so vibrant and full of life. That made us think. What would you do with those colours? How could you use them? How would you combine them? Christine then had her iPad pattern out and an an amazing orangey -lemon yarn where the colour was do distinct and interesting. Not lemon. Not orange. It wasn’t really a solid colour because it changed with the light.  Sort of sherbet and perfect for the baby blanket she was making. Colour is everything!


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