Show and tell

homespun wool and alpaca
Homespun wool and alpaca – Janette

There were some very special pieces there this week. Alexis helped us learn more about silk . There were some good discussions about how you make things look better and more original by using colour and texture.






show and tell 16th July

Show and tell

Anne has finished knitting her cardigan from the homespun wool she has made since she joined our group. We loved the black alpaca plied with the blue merino wool.

Cathy shared the two blocks which she is making for her homespun blanket from Susie Horn’s bag of bits, naturally dyed Border Leicester X ,Marie’s Pfeiffers dark FinnX fleece and the wool batts she made at the carding workshop.

Alexis shared two beautiful felted hats made from one piece of felt and then sewn into the hats complete with silk lining. They are from Tasar silk and wool. We particularly liked the colours and borders.

Janette shared a cake of homespun wool and alpaca in soft greens ,light browns, pale orange and yellow.

show and tell July 16th



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