Benefits of blogging

One of the real benefits of running a group blog is that members of the group can still belong and participate whether they are physically attending the group or not. In our group different people go off for different reasons and so the blog keeps them in touch with us and what we are doing in their absence. We can also stay in touch with them. It’s good to hear from our members. Marina and her husband Peter are currently in New South Wales and Marina has sent us some show and tell for us to see.

sheep shearingOn the way over to NSW  outside Hay they stopped for a meal and found this wonderful photo of our sheep shearing history.





Turkish drop spindleChristine had been helping Marina get better at drop spinning on her new Turkish spindle so she has taken that with her because it was easy to pack and didn’t take up much room. She’s getting in some practice.

Marina's shrug







Marina likes making shrugs. She has knitted a blue one with pink and turquoise highlights and it looks really good.

Homespun knitted hat

Her knitted hat took 100gms of hand spun wool , an hour and ten minutes and size ten needles. A really effective quick knit!



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