Fingerless gloves

pink fingerless glovesYes! We are still making them and they are becoming even more interesting and inventive. Our mission is to make the most eye catching fingerless gloves this winter , apparently , and it is informative, inspiring and fun. We can’t live without our fingerless gloves. We need good movement in our fingers and we need warm hands so they are perfect. They can use up oddments and they can make us think very creatively. Pam has been knitting two pairs at the moment. Her first is dappled pinks and the look and feel of them are like homespun yarn even though they are commercial yarn. She has made them for a friend on a farm who needs to keep her hands stylishly warm. We loved them.

magic marvel fingerless glovesPam has also been using Spotlight’s Marvel Magic yarn to make a pair of faux Fair Isle fingerless gloves. All the fun and colour of Fair Isle without having to work out  the patterns. Pam has high level skills. She can knit and crochet what she wants. Sometimes , though, you just want to look good without the effort. Pam also is very keen to try anything which comes out commercially to road test its capabilities. She knows a lot about things which are available in our stores because experience is a great teacher and her knowledge bank is invaluable. We loved the bright, cheerful look of these fingerless gloves. They are very eye catching and enough to dispel the blues on a cold winter’s day.


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