Show and tell

show and tell 2nd JulyIf the table was looking quiet it was because we have made so many beanies, berets, hats and mittens. There have been beanie festivals and exhibitions, open days and the cold weather to think about. We are also involved in big projects like blankets, shrugs and pullovers which take time. There is no sense of anything standing still because our attention to process and colour has been highlighted lately and we are all busy….and cold!

Beth brought along a Schacht drop spindle , also a large silk batt suitable for filling a silk quilt. It will be interesting to see what Beth makes with it. We had fun talking about that silk and how much there was and what you could do with it.  

Cathy 2 balls of spun  wool, 1 dyed with onion & avocado skins the colour of burnt orange, the other a mixture of dark browns & orange.

The good news is we have opted to participate in Odd Socks Day in October:

The members had a lively discussion about the Odd Sock Charity. Just in case there is any confusion ,or to confuse you even more, you don’t have to wear odd socks on the day but you can if you want to. The members were asked to make something that involves our craft to donate for the silent auction to be held on the 8th October 2018. The money raised from the auction we will donate to the charity. Alexis has volunteered to organise the whole auction and will explain the procedure nearer to the time.


4 thoughts on “Show and tell

    1. Alan is currently spinning Mulberry silk and will be plying it with alpaca. Beth is new to the group and we, too, look forward to see what she will do with her felting and the silk. You can card silk into wool batts and it gives it a lovely sheen.


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