Colour your world

crochet necklace

It was so colourful this week at show and tell and the conversations generated were just as colourful. Hilary had found a lovely crochet neckless at one of the recent open days and we liked the ocean colours and the sheen on the yarn which was used. Alexis reminded us that it was all the rage to wear trendy crochet spiral earrings in the 70s and we all loved ourselves for looking so cool. The video is there if you want to learn how to crochet spirals and make crochet earrings. These days the spirals are generally used to make baby octopuses for  premature babies because that light touch of the twirls helps to sensitise them and makes them thrive.


colourful skeinMarjorie had spun a skein of Brenda Coulter’s colourway which Brenda though she hadn’t got quite right. Marjorie proved her wrong and we all loved the colour pop in this spun yarn. Looking forward to seeing what Marjorie creates with it.


dyed cottonHilary also had found some dyed cotton at one of the open days and she brought it along so we could purchase it at a small price. Some needed the cotton for their projects. Others had the opportunity of getting some cotton at a small cost so they could try spinning it before they made any kind of a major outlay on cotton. It’s not that easy to come by in Adelaide.

We love colour. It gives us ideas, makes us enthusiastic and helps us to think creatively.



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