Odd Socks Day


Odd socks dayIn Australia , Odd Socks Day is October 5th this year and it has been an ongoing initiative by GROW to raise money to help people fight the stigma surrounding mental illness so they get the help they need:

“It is estimated that the overall cost of unmanaged or mismanaged mental health in the Australian workplace is approximately $11billion a year.4 More than 6 million working days are lost per year as a result of one mental illness alone. For every $1 invested in mental health initiatives, there’s an average return on investment (ROI) of $2.30. And only around 35 per cent of affected Australians actively access services for mental health problems.

People with a mental illness want the same basic things as everyone else:

  • A home – somewhere decent to live
  • A job or something meaningful to do – a reason to get up in the morning
  • A life worth living – friends and loved ones to share with
  • To feel safe
  • Hope”


Other countries have Odd Socks Day to support things like anti-bullying campaigns or Downs Syndrome people. Odd socks is an easy way to fund raise because you just have to wear odd socks.

We had a little bit of an informal discussion about it the other week. We were wondering if we wanted to support it and how. We are positive towards fund raising initiatives and like to do our bit to help. The matter came up because we are very much socks people. We love our socks and we have some great sock knitters in the group. It was just appealing to us and something which would fit in with who we are. The post is here so we have the links if we want to follow it through for October. The resources for this year will be uploaded to the Odd Socks Day site soon.



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