Show and tell

show and tell 4th JuneWe survived another week away from our home base but he bowling club has been welcoming and helpful and not a bad place to be except their renovations make it a bit of a challenge. We are hoping we can be spinning by the sea at our next meeting on 18th June. The moving around has given us a fresh look at ourselves and each other and a chance to use our skills to meet the challenges placed before us. We have learned we are cohesive , co operative and flexible!

This week’s show and tell had some lovely items to admire and discuss:

Wendy shared a beautiful finely spun wool scarf in feather & fan pattern white with a stripe of pale blue & the triangle scarf with the frilled edges in Brenda’s autumn colour plait Navaho plied.

 Alan shared a long scarf made on the scarf loom from hand spun, hand dyed & hand woven in greens & reds multi colours & a needle felted face of a Scottish breed of cat.

Marjorie shared a skein of spun wool from one of Brenda’s plaits.

Sheila had made 2 small woven pots ideal for small items.

Hilary had knitted a beret in turquoise wool with a cable pattern crown.




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