Turkish spindle


Turkish spindle
Christine’s drop spinning

Christine never lets us forget our drop spinning. She is a great believer that it will help you master spinning on a wheel because you understand the process better. Drop spinning is also highly portable and very relaxing (when you get past the dropping it on the floor phase. )She’s been bringing along all her spindles but concentrating on her Turkish spindle just lately. Living proof that if you are doing something cool then curiosity will get the better of the onlookers and they will just want to have a go. Some of us are keen to get better at drop spinning so Christine’s conversational, patient lessons are really helpful to us and they get us enthusiastic. This week we were trying the Turkish spindles and then learning how to wind the yarn onto it to make it neat. Bill got good at it really quickly and could see the enjoyment.


Turkish spindle
Butterfly spindle made in Adelaide



Cathy found the butterfly spindle without the hook much better for her to do drop spinning than a regular drop spindle. Turkish spindles can be better balanced in your hands. Marina was excited because she knew she’d be able to take spinning with her on her upcoming road trip and so was trying to learn how to make her spun yarn look better.

One of our fleece suppliers in Meadows, Susie Horn , says you never stop learning when it comes to spinning and fleece. She is so right.


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