Woven fibre basket

woven basketsSheila was doing clever things again in the spirit of our oddments projects. She had a basket full of fibre and bits she wanted to use and was spending her time looking at what would go with what and what effects she could get if she used them to make little baskets. Many of us joined in and looked through her stash of bits and bobs getting our own ideas. That’s how you do it. You get an idea, work on it and others will join in because they are curious. She had natural yarns and fibres and then sparky yarns and all sorts of colours and textures. It is painstaking work and Sheila enjoys that kind of challenge to her patience. She also enjoys looking at what she can achieve by upcycling and repurposing. Allowing yourself to be creative with a basket of bits is cfar more satisfying than stashing them in the cupboard. We all enjoyed watching what she was doing and we liked the look of the little baskets. The one she was making was for a friend but the others will go elsewhere. Instructables has a tutorial on how to make yarn baskets.


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