The Travelling Spinburys

CWA Hall
CWA Hall

We have been changing venue. Our usual venue with the ocean views is being upgraded and refurbished and so we have had to move ourselves and our things out for a few weeks. Hilary and Marjorie have managed this challenge carefully and competently and kept us fully informed all along the way. We are grateful for all the extra work they have had to put in to keep our club fully functioning over these weeks. We have led a nomadic life and had the benefit of discovering our local area.

Last week we were in the Country Women’s Association Hall in Port Noarlunga , an adjacent beachfront suburb to where we normally spin. The beach there is iconic but we didn’t get to see it because the hall was further back from the Esplanade. It brought back memories for those who had known the club in that hall and it was a really cosy venue for our Biggest Morning Tea. We liked the big trestle tables we could sit around and so we had a really nice time there last week.

Port Noarlunga Bowling Club
Port Noarlunga Bowling Club

This week and for the rest of the time we are  at the Bowling Club in Port Noarlunga which was built in 2015. Most of us didn’t know it but it is a really well kept club with good patronage and the people who look after the club were very helpful to  us. It has big octagonal tables, is very clean and spacious and we liked the tree views.

Port Noarlunga Bowling Club car park views
View from the car park

Travelling around has kept us lively and in touch with our area and it’s good to know we are sufficiently  flexible and adaptable to manage this smoothly. We seem to be coping by talking our way through it, as always, and changing our yarn colours to tone in with our surroundings.


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